Ultrasound Services

NHS Ultrasound Services at Park Surgery

This centre offers a choice of ultrasound scans on the NHS under the AQP (any qualified provider) initiative. 

You must be referred by your GP. We are able to perform the following types of scan

  • Gynaecology
  • General abdominal
  • Renal Tract/Bladder/Prostate
  • Testicular

If you need to contact the service direct please call 01403 214665 / 01403 214633 or email: sxicb-wsx.parksurgeryultrasound@nhs.net

Private Ultrasound Services at Park Surgery

You can also self-refer for a private Ultrasound scan for the following types of scan;

  • Abdominal
  • Renal Tract/Bladder/Prostate
  • Gynaecological 
  • Testicular
  • AAA (Aorta)
  • Lower limb DVT scanning

For enquiries please contact Julie Lucas (Director and Senior Reporting Sonographer) at julie.lucas@pure-ultrasound.co.uk where you will be triaged, then forwarded to the bookings team to arrange the scan appointment. 

Ultrasound image