Ultrasound Services

NHS Ultrasound Services at Park Surgery

If you need to contact the service direct please call 01403 214665/01403 214633

Or email: HSCCG.parksurgeryultrasound@nhs.net

This centre offers a choice of ultrasound scans on the NHS under the AQP (any qualified provider) initiative. 

You must be referred by your GP.

Patients with a routine referral are booked an appointment within 15 working days, urgent scans within 5 working days. These include;

  • Gynaecology
  • General abdominal
  • Renal Tract/Bladder/Prostate
  • Testicular

Private Ultrasound Services at Park Surgery

Please contact Sally Hill 

Tel: 07811695651 or

Email: Ultrasound.scan@gmail.com

Park Surgery also offers private scans in pregnancy and gynaecology, provided by Sally Hill, Director of Diagnostic Ultrasound Services.

Both obstetric and gynaecological scans can be done privately without a referral from your GP.

Early Viability and Dating Scan

 5 to 10 weeks 

Combined Test for Downs Syndrome Screening 

 11 to 14 weeks 

Blood is taken any time from 10 weeks to enable the sonographer to discuss the combined test results at the time of your scan. This is the most accurate way of assessing Downs’s syndrome.

Further testing can be arranged if appropriate.

(Includes nasal bone screening and can include early gender determination 95% accurate.)

Harmony Blood Test for Downs Syndrome Screening 

 10 to 40 weeks 

Fetal Wellbeing Scan (Can include gender determination) from 12 - 14 weeks (95% accurate) and from 16 - 20 weeks onwards (99% accurate)

 12 to 20 weeks 

Pelvic Scan


Further Information 

For detailed information please see: www.diagnosticultrasound.org.uk 

This centre has been approved by The Fetal Medicine Foundation, London. Director: Professor K. Nicolaides.